When the computer works properly it is like a boon, but when it starts to show the various problems then it seems a box of rocks. Dell Error code 2000-0142 is one of them which is basically a hard drive failure. This error may leave the users puzzled. But before repairing it, you must identify the actual reasons of the error code.

Reasons Behind Dell Error Code 2000-0142

Here are some of the reasons you might trigger this error message on your Dell computer.

  • Broken, damaged or misaligned internal wires in your computer that connects your hard drive with the motherboard.
  • Corrupted data on the hard disk, which causes the device to crash.
  • An error occurred during the drive self-check process when booting your computer.
  • In the form of device failure, hard drive mechanical damage

How To Fix Error Code 2000-0142?

You can easily resolve the  error code 2000-0142 in your Dell devices. Follow the below mentioned steps to fix the problem by yourself.

Method 1. By entering a command

First, start the computer after entering the Windows installation disk in the DVD drive.

When prompted, tap on any key. Now, choose your preferred language, currency, time, and the input method.

Then, select next by tapping on it.

Else, you can also click the F8 button on startup. Navigate to the DVD drive from the boot menu. Choose the Repair and go to the operating system you want to fix. Select Next and go to the command prompt from system recovery options.

Enter a command Chkdsk /f /r  and choose the enter icon. By this process, you will repair the corrupted data and fix the issue.

Method 2. Replace hard disk

If the first method will not help you then replace the hard disk by following the steps. Since HDDs use spinning platters and moving heads, they are more recumbent to failure. Usually, it appears after using the device for 3 to 5 years.

Method 3. Reinstall the Windows

Follow this step if the above two steps do not work on your computer. This method will fixthe corrupted Windows files or any MBR data.
To reinstall the Windows first of all click the Start button. Now select Settings and then Update & security. Next, choose Recovery and you will see the option Reset this PC icon. Select Get started from the option. Now, press and hold down the Shift key until your PC powers off. After a while, restart your system and choose Troubleshoot and then Reset this PC.

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